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James on TV

US Television

"The Blacklist" airs on July 19 on NBC

"Pretty in Pink" airs on July 26 on ABCFAM

"The Blacklist" airs on July 26 on NBC


German Television

"Lincoln" airs on July 23 on skyemotion

"Lincoln" airs on July 29 on skyemotion

"Lincoln" airs on August 3 on skyemotion

"Lincoln" airs on August 4 on skyemotion

"Lincoln" airs on August 8 on skyemotion

"Secretary - Womit kann ich dienen" airs on August 9 on einsfestival

"Lincoln" airs on August 13 on skyemotion

"Lincoln" airs on August 14 on skyemotion


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James Spader

The ultimate James Spader photo site part II




This photo site is dedicated to James Spader, who is in my opinion the best actor in the world. I have every respect for the privacy of Mr. Spader and his family, and by setting up this site I am paying my tribute to him and celebrating his work by sharing these pictures with others.


Welcome to Part V of the ultimate James Spader Photo Site on the internet (to visit Part I, go to James Spader Photo Site I, to visit Part III, go to James Spader Photo Site III, to visit Part IV, go to James Spader Photo Site IV) and to visit Part V, go to James Spader Photo Site V. You can find tons of photos (actually, more than 42.800 on all sites) which are mainly my own screen captures, but you can also see lots of other photos which were collected by my friends and myself over recent years. Hope you enjoy looking at the photos of the most adorable and sexiest man alive. 


Since I wasn't able to work on my sites for a very long time (actually for almost a year), I still have to update a lot of threads. Due to changes in the system my internet provider is providing, and which I work with, it happened that a lot of photos got lost, and the entire layout got mixed up. Therefore, the layout needs to be done entirely new, and thousands of photos have to be uploaded again. As you can probably imagine, this takes quite a while. For a lack of time, I currently can only work now and then on the sites. Sorry for that.

Moreover, for some reason it isn't possible to upload as many photos to the new site as there were on the old site. For this reason I have more sites than before now. These are the names of my entire James sites: 

The "old" sites: www.james-spader.com / www.james-spader.net / www.james-spader.info (the .com and the .net sites have still to be redesigned; the .info site (contents: "Boston Legal", "The Practice" and "Tongues") is ready to view!)
The "new" sites: www.james-spader.biz (a little content ("The Office" and "DVD Featurettes") so far!), www.james-spader.eu (a little content (Paparazzi Photos, Autographs) so far!!!!)
The "new" site : www.james-spader.de (no content so far!!!!)

Although, I still have a lot of work to get done, this shouldn't stop you from sending me new photos you'd like to get posted here. When you send photos, please do not forget to include any copyright information as far as you know these.


I am looking for some James appearances on talkshows which are missing in my collection. If there is anyone to happen to have these missing talkshows, please e-mail me.  Particularly, I am looking for these interviews (I got the dates from IMdB - I don't know if they are correct):
Regis: 5/16/2006, 11/3/2005, 2/16/2005
Conan: 11/5/2007, 11/21/2006
Ellen: 3/6/2006
Good Morning America: 9/25/2005 
(I don't have the entire interview, just some part.)


I need your help regarding several Photo Shoots. There are several  photos of which I neither know the place and/nor the date. I would be grateful if anyone could send me this information (including any copyright - if known). Thanks so much!


This site does not operate as a message board as there are already wonderful ones in existance, like e.g. James Spader's Haven (extremely well-run by Yvonne and Janette).


Please notice that this is an unofficial, non-profit  fan site and I do NOT have any contact to James Spader himself or his management.


Latest updates:
The Blacklist Cast Photos
The Homesman


Please read the Legal Notice regarding copyright. Some individual photos may also have details of copyright attached.






James' next projects:

"The Blacklist - Season 2" (2014)
"Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015) (currently filming)